Drive Safe this winter with Bridgestone Select’s Winter Promo Pack. Why is this promo so irresistible? Because the bundle includes a front wheel alignment, thorough tyre safety inspection, and even Bridgestone Select Umbrella and Thermo Flask

We like this promo because it shows Bridgestone cares about their customers, and their safety in winter. This will definitely help build positive brand name and bring long term benefits for the company.

Another reason is that they put together their services with promo gifts, adding value to the entire bundle through Gifts with Purchase mechanism.

The promo umbrella and the thermos flask are specially selected to match this promo message. These products are perfect for this promo and essential for winter. As logo is printed onto the products, Bridgestone also enjoys free advertisements when customers use them.

Let your customers know how important they are to the company, plan your promotion now!  Check out other similar promo products on our blog: