Companies can show their support to the LGBT community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgenders) throughout the year by using these International Gay Pride Events as reasons to celebrate and partner with the community. It is also a great chance to promote your company!

Celebrate by supporting these International Events starting now:













The ODM Group has some interesting promotional items to support these different campaigns, making advertising to this demographic an annual event. The Lesbian and Gay community use rainbow colours to promote themselves, so why not utilize this in your marketing campaigns?

A rainbow colored umbrella could be the perfect way to promote your company and promote awareness.   Surely you will be able to find one of these colours match your logo…

Promotional Rainbow Umbrella

Another way to promote your brand could be through a rainbow yoga mat, towel or other wearable items:

Rainbow Yoga Mat

How about Facepaint to liven up the party.   Long used to support your favourite sports teams, Promo Face Paints can also be used for parties or Cause Related Marketing.

promotional face paint

This month is Gay and Lesbian History Month in the United States of America, the perfect time to promote your business! Gay and Lesbian month was created by a teacher, Rodney Wilson in argument to the lack on Gay and Lesbian history in school books.

Throughout the whole month the LGBT community will be celebrated and the festivities will climax on National Coming Out Day, October the 11th. This is the perfect time to celebrate the community and increase your brand identity and the same time!!!

lgbt hm logo

Rainbow branded products is the best way to celebrate the Gay and Lesbian Community, so why not show your support through branded rainbow promotional products?

Why not get in contact with the ODM Group to see how we can help you celebrate the festivities!