Disney is currently advertising their Movie Rewards Program through promotional merchandise and other gifts.  Simply join now as a member on their website and obtain points through purchases of DVDs and CDs. Use this point system to exchange for exclusive rewards!

Exclusive Rewards by Disney..

Two products that caught our eye were the Lion King Mini Tote bag and colour changing water bottle. The cotton bag with its tie-a-bow closure and Disney Character “Simba” right in the center reaches out to their direct target market, the kids.

Also featuring the Simba, the water bottle changes colour when you add cold liquid! This interesting feature is definitely a good move to entice customers to purchase it.

Overall, a very effective marketing strategy by Disney. This promotion displays the wise choice in colours as well as “The lion King” logo that stands out significantly, leading to high brand recall. With “The Lion King Musical” going on right now, it would definitely act as a great advertising tool!

It would always be best if you could provide the Pantone/CYMK/RGB code, together with the logo of your choice when it comes to ordering of promotional products!

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