Promotional products at sporting events are a long-standing tradition. This can be seen at the Superbowl, Premiership football matches and Golf Masters Tours. Although most of these are seen through sponsors, companies not linked from sponsorship can also take advantage of such events. This is a great opportunity for brands to increase their brand awareness and visibility.

Sponsorships do not automatically mean that customers will purchase from you, however, utilizing promotional products in prize draws can draw on a large number of potential customers, as it actively engages them.

If you give away free branded foam hands at a football game, you are able to promote your company twice; once to the fans, and another to the nation (if you can give out enough) when the crowd is filmed.

The marketing power of promotional products

This can be extended to branded lighters, bottle openers, bags, pens, hats, clappers, scarves, umbrellas, mugs and much more. These kinds of promotions are a good way to get coverage for your brand. For less than the cost of television campaigns at big sporting events, your company can be seen by millions through free promotional products!

These products last longer than advertising campaigns as consumers are able to take away branded gifts and often store them as souvenirs of the sports event. Promotions for sporting events can be carried out throughout the year all around the world giving you access to every target audience imaginable!

How can ODM help?

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