With just 1 week to go before the 2011 Singapore F1, lets take a look at its merchandise which gets better every year! Below is a comparison of 2010(left) and 2011(right) entrance pass respectively.

Huge difference in terms of colours and design...

Promotional products such as lanyards, shirts, pens are used to spice up the event and these act as a strong advertising tool.

Black & Silver portrays a stylish design..

This F1 pen stands out distinctively with its silver paint and black printing. A necessity in the working industry, they are naturally dropped in one’s bag for convenience. With precise usage of colours, it attracts attention and logo printed would easily lead to high brand recall. It can also be customized as a ball point or felt tip. Usually given as promotional products, gifts, or sold as merchandise.

Perfect Combination of Colours...

Once again, an outstanding mug with the colours of metallic silver and red fonts.  Bright red fonts are used to capture attention and highlights the letters printed, allowing it to stands out from the others.   This edgy red and silver design work well with the F1 image.

Mugs provide the flexibility in terms of placement of company’s logo, corporate colours and designs. Durable when in good hands and cost effective as well. Often good for marketing and advertising in a form of gift with purchase. Upon usage of the mug, company’s brand would come to mind and this leads to higher brand value.

Included in their merchandise store is also the bottle opener and koozie can cooler. Definitely useful when ordering a can drink or bottles of beers while watching the GP, keeps it cold and provide convenience when opening caps respectively.

Koozie and Bottle Opener...

Coolzee 4 in 1!

A few years back, ODM launched the Coolzee featuring…

  • Cooler – Keeps drinks cold
  • Pop-Top – Pop your bottle caps off
  • Twist off – Open  a bottle without exerting much strength
  • Tab Puller – Pull open your tab easily

Hopefully next year the Octopus or Coolzee will be on offer too….

Customize these with your preferred colours, making them great gift for outdoors events.   Given how useful the Octopus is for Tailgating we think it would fit right in…

Contact ODMasia now for inquiries on the above products..