Next month Singapore will be celebrating Independence Day (9th August, 2010).  Just like the previous years, goodie bags are a must have for the annual parade.

Unlike the past, goodie bags this year come in 7 different attractive designs in the shape of tote bags.   This is a great case study in providing nice customised gifts for events.

Biscuits, drinks, ponchos are nicely packed into a box.  The box itself doubles up its utility with 4 different simple board games.  This will keep people occupied before the parade and during intervals.

Games incorporate important messages, sending across cultural values and Singapore’s history. ODM has developed several board games like Hana Deka board game, South African board game to name a few.

A Collar/Lapel pin is also offered and 5 different symbolic designs of Singapore to collect.  These use eproxy printing – butterfly closing on the pins allow them to be attached onto pencil cases, bags, etc.. , showing loyalty to the country. Such pins are small and portable, good to be given away to spread a message.

A poncho and mini plastic fan are given, respecting Singapore‘s hot and unpredictable weather. Both offer good logo positioning, allowing branding to be seen from afar. Good form of advertising and products are cheap and useful too.

In addition, a light blinking clapper is also included in the bag. Shaped like the Singapore flag, this clapper is best suited for this joyous occasions. This dual function clapper is suitable for many uses, from concerts, to sports matches and even festivals like Halloween, Christmas, etc.. You could also choose from other noise makers are like Clapping bannersinflatable shakers, etc..

A postcard can be found in the bag too.   Printed in the same 7 different designs as the goodie bags, Singaporeans can send this postcard to friends abroad, sharing this nations joyous celebration. A hangtag/luggage tag available in 6 different designs comes attached to the bag.   These are good giveaways along with travel products, allowing people to label their bags for easy recognition and spread your message worldwide..

If you are planning goodie bags it is interesting to bear in mind the key national holidays and other special cause days.