Whether you are looking to provide customers wholesome quality entertainment or you want to promote your company in a fun and engaging way, you can never go wrong with custom 3D puzzles.

We often connote puzzles with “challenge,” “complexity,” and “fun”. However, you will be surprised to know how much promotion you can get from this popular game.

Custom 3D Puzzles

Custom 3D Puzzles

As a branded merchandise, custom 3D puzzles are not only fun and challenging but also a powerful marketing tool for any business. Here’s why:


What Makes 3D Puzzles a Good Promotional Gift Idea?

Brand Exposure

Puzzles are a great way to create visibility for your customized logo or brand name. A great past time for family and guests, they undoubtedly promote your brand name whenever they are being used. Once done, the puzzles can be displayed for everyone to see, thereby exposing your brand to many potential clients and customers.


Universal Appeal

What we like about custom 3D puzzles, and virtually any board game, is their universal appeal. Such a product targets a broad range of audiences with varied interests. They appeal to men, women, and children. Nobody is too old to assemble a 3D galleon ship! It is fun, stimulating, and engaging.

Custom 3D Puzzles

Custom 3D Puzzles


Showcase Company’s Creativity

Customized 3D puzzles offer marketing managers a lot of room for creativity. You can make puzzles designed for a specific market segment or make ones that will be enjoyed by everyone.

Also considered as an educational tool, companies can design puzzles that correspond to certain subjects. You can make puzzles depicting the solar system, globe, and even dinosaurs. Your imagination is the limit!

Custom 3D Puzzles

Custom 3D Puzzles


Great for Mail-Out Campaign

So many people are in self-quarantine today. Puzzles are a great way to help them ease their boredom while in isolation. Companies can offer 3D puzzles to their self-isolating customers. Branded Puzzles not only entertain but also help promote your company even during this pandemic.

Companies can send these puzzles directly to their employees, who are currently working from home, as part of their wellness initiatives. This will surely be enjoyed by the whole family.

Custom 3D Puzzles

Custom 3D Puzzles


They Can Help Boost Readership

One way of boosting magazine readership is by using covermount gifts. Attaching gifts on the cover of a publication can improve sales and readership since they do stand out from magazine racks. Activity sets and puzzles are among customers’ favorites because they provide readers other hobbies to do other than reading.

Custom 3D Puzzles

Custom 3D Puzzles

3D puzzles are a unique take to traditional ones like jigsaw and brain teasers so they will surely pique the interest of customers.



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