Sending Promotional Products by mail allows you to target many customers at set dates. There is something about receiving an unexpected parcel that gets people very excited.

If you are planning such a delivery mechanismODM would like to give you some tips for success.

  • Determine the type of packaging you would like to use (Box or envelope)
  • Balance safety and cost.  Layers of bubble wrap or custom blister protect items but the bigger the packaging the more it costs.
  • Choose the right promotional gifts for your target audience.  Small, flat items that are lightweight should take priority.
  • Instead of sending your name card and brochures, why not send useful gifts with your company contact information (Pens, magnifying bookmarks, stick-it notes & etc.) They may be general items but they are very useful in the office or home.
  • If you have a higher budget, promotional gifts that can be considered are mouse pads, key rings or any suitable key products of the company that can be sent – For example, ODM send out Beer Promos stubby holders to customers as they are lightweight and can be packed in envelopes. With our company’s details on it, they are a great way to market our company  (Why not try this for yours?)
  • No matter what your pick, always look for gifts that customers may relate to your business. This will then reinforce customer memory of your company.
  • Lastly, do leave enough time between sending out gifts so that you do not make potential and existing customers feel pressured.

To help you in deciding which gift to offer your customers, ODM Asia has brainstormed and has come out with ten suitable items that you may consider sending to customers as promotional products mailers:

Lightweight, these Mouse Pad & Coolzees can be sent in an envelope. Give us an image and we will have them made with your logo. With company’s details on them, customers will always remember you.

Pen fans & Recycling Bags: Handy and always used by customers – Gives your comapny free advertising and both especially used by female customers.

Paper clips & Notebooks: A must have on all customers’ office desktops for 2011. Printing can be done according to your company’s preference on the PVC cover of the paper clips bag and on the notebook cover.

Corporate USB Drive and Handheld Calculator: Small physical size and lightweight, no problem fitting them into bubble envelopes. With your company’s logo laser engraved or silk printed on the item, it will be a suitable corporate gift to customers.

Sticky Notepads and Bookmarks:  Put your brand at pages customers want them to be.

Need help getting the right item sent, let ODM gifts assist you in this. Give us an idea of what promotional products you would like to give your customers and through these, we believe we can improve your company’s reputation which then leads to an increase in revenue.