When it comes to kids promotional products, you can never go wrong with custom designed bags as they are high utility and effective in getting your brand out there. Pushing the boat out with unique promotional product designs could boost your brand in a plethora of ways.

custom designed bags

Quick Tips for Creating the Best Promotional Custom Designed Bags

Our team got a chance to see these custom shaped bags up close at a trade show recently. These were high-quality yet affordable promotional items for kids. Cost-effective and attractive these custom shaped bags will definitely pull in parents and the younger crowd.


Materials for Custom Designed Bags

Custom promotional bags are versatile in terms of design. You have lots of options when it comes to materials such as:

  • Canvas and cotton : These are a popular manufacturing choice as sources are abundant. They are quite sturdy and are perfect for just about any bag type – be it a promotional pouch bag or a promotional fashionable tote bag. Moreover, these materials will complement a casual day out.Check out this blog for design inspiration:


  • Vinyl: Waterproof and relatively durable, vinyl are also marketer’s favorite. It resembles leather so vinyl bags look very stylish.  Moreover, unlike leather, it is more affordable.
  • Polypropylene: Used in many shopping bags, polypropylene is a cost-effective option. It is eco-friendly and a wonderful alternative to plastic bag. They can be made with or without lamination. Could they be used for kid-oriented promotions? Yes, because they are safe to use and are easy to customize.
  • Other Eco-Friendly Options: Aside from the above-mentioned materials, cork is also taking the manufacturing scene by storm. Cork is flexible, water-resistant and sturdy. Check out awesome cork bags, pouches and other promotional products here:


Preparing Custom Design Bags for Kids Promotions

  • Design: Now that you have ideas for materials, consider the design. You can go with animals, cars, animated characters and more. The more colorful the bags are, the more your audience become eager to have them. Moreover, they would want something that they can’t get form other brands! If you have a design in mind, do send us the draft and we’ll do the rest. Another easy option is to hire our design team, Mindsparkz, for high-quality bag designs for kids.
custom designed bags

Quick Tips for Creating the Best Promotional Custom Designed Bags

  • Brand Positioning: Print your brand or logo on the bags so that more people can see your brand name. Customers are more likely to remember your brand if they see them on daily basis. And they would certainly jump on the bandwagon if they see these bags being used by other kids.
  • Make them Eye-Catching: The more unique the design is, the more people are going to talk about it. What better way to draw your customer’s attention to your brand name than making the product itself interesting? Custom shapes and designs are surefire way to get kids and parents to buy your product. Here’s a good example:


How to Use Custom Designed Bags for Brand Promotions

These custom-designed bags make great complimentary promotional gift with other school supplies. They may also be effective in promoting a book store or stationery shop.

Marketing managers can also use a purchase with purchase promotions where customers can get these bags for a discounted price when they buy any of their featured product.

Why not create a themed promotion for kids? Like, pumpkin-shaped bags for Halloween promotions and movie characters for marketing movies.

Sponsorship and co-branding may also prove to be helpful in promoting your brand, your local sports team, and encouraging kids to participate in sports. Here’s a very good example- bags in football shirt shapes. Not only are they captivating, but they also help in promoting the sport.


So, do you feel these custom designed bags will help increase your sales and boost your brand? Speak with our team today! If you like this idea, reference product code 2338 to get a quote.

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More Custom designed Bag Ideas for You!

Everything you need to know about bag manufacture:


This drawstring bag is ideal for kids as the reflective strip keeps them safe when crossing the street at night. Great for sports promotions as well!


Check out these eco-friendly bags! Made from sustainable materials such as paper and bamboo, it’s a great way to save the environment whilst improving your company image!