5 Easy Tips to Make Your Custom Promotional Items Extraordinary

Are you tired of the usual promotional product that you offer customers? A little creativity can go a long way. Here at ODM, we love to put a spin on ordinary promotional items and make them extraordinary. A promotional tote bag? We make it into coloring bags. Keychains? Why not transform them into mini LED projector keychains?

Are you ready to take your branding to new heights? Then, here are some simple tips to spice up your marketing campaigns.


5 Tips to Make Your Custom Promotional Items Extraordinary

Invest in a Good Packaging

Good packaging is everything. When customers receive marketing gifts presented in high-quality product packaging, they feel extra special. High-quality does not have to be expensive. There are so many options nowadays. The key is proper execution such as this one:

Custom Promotional Items - Product-Packaging-Design

Custom Promotional Items – Product-Packaging-Design

This is a packaging designed by our company for a cooling towel. Proper execution is key in creating thought-provoking engaging packaging such as this. It is very unusual and effectively shows people how to use the product.


Choose Green!

Green marketing is gaining traction nowadays. If you want to make a positive impact on y our customers and the environment, opting for green promotional products is a wise decision. One of the many sustainable materials available today is wheatgrass. Once considered an agricultural waste, wheatgrass is now being used as a material for the manufacture of apparel, accessories, and household products.

Another sustainable material that is fast becoming popular is cork. Water, shock, and fire-resistant, they make great promotional phone holders, bags, and even custom drink coasters! Check out this blog to learn more about cork promotional products!


Make It Multi-Functional

I know you may have offered your customers a credit card size bottle opener before. However, did you know that your credit card bottle opener can also be a ruler, a wrench, and a cellphone stand in one?

Custom Promotional Items - Multi Tool Card

Custom Promotional Items – Multi Tool Card

We love this particular promotional idea because of its simplicity and ingenuity. You can see that this is well-thought-out and nicely designed. A pocket item, this ensures that your customers take your brand wherever they go. We have a whole blog dedicated to this fantastic marketing gift, so check it out:

Pack Complementary Products Together to Make them Extra Special

With virtual conferences becoming a “normal” part of business operations, virtual swag bags have also become an integral part of their marketing plan. This is the perfect time to show off your company’s versatility and creativity by offering gifts that go together, such as this beard grooming gfits:

Pen and journal, beach towel and picnic umbrella, custom crayons, and coloring books. Receiving items that go together makes customers feel as if they are getting special gifts instead of mere promotional items.

Use a Printing Method that Makes Your Brand Name Pop

When using promotional products, it is crucial to ensure that the items are well-branded to enhance your brand positioning. Sometimes, the right branding and printing method is all you need to take your branding up a notch. Do consider laser engraving if you want precise, highly detailed designs on your packaging or product, or embossing and debossing if you want to add an interesting texture.

You may also go for the classic tags and sewn labels. However, no matter what technique you chose, always make sure that your branding is clear and easily recognizable. We suggest consulting a professional product designer who can guide you with your designs. Luckily, our Mindsparkz team can help you with that.

Where Does ODM Come In?

If you need assistance with product sourcing, designing, and manufacturing custom promotional items, then be sure to contact our team. We have years of experience in the promotional product industry and you can rely on us for high-quality merchandise tailored for your business.

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What are some quick hacks to make simple promo gifts extraordinary?

Make your packaging attractive and exciting, pack complementary products together, make your branding pop, consider multifunctionality and novelty, and make them green are just some of the quick and inexpensive ways to make your promotional products look high-end and interesting.

What Green Materials are Ideal for Manufacturing Promo Gifts?

Wheatgrass is gaining popularity nowadays. In fact, they can be made into bags, kitchenware, and even footwear. Another sustainable material would be cork. It's very sturdy and is water and heat resistant.

Is Investing in Custom Promotional Items Worth It?

Definitely! You might think spending money on promotional items is another waste of marketing budget. However, the opposite is true. The exposure and promotion you get from promotional items are invaluable. Further, you get free advertisements every time they are being used.

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