A lot of products enter the market every day pushing the stores to add more shelves, POS display units, etc. And when these products are not packaged well, there’s a risk of becoming lost in the sea of products. In other words, your products might not get the right attention that it seeks. Working with trusted product packaging manufacturers will greatly help you source the right materials and come up with designs that will convert browsers to buyers.

Fortunately, our team has had a lot of experience in manufacturing and marketing so you can rely on us for high quality packaging designs for business. To help you out, here are a few tips for creating a meaningful merchandise packaging design that sells.

3 Tips For Great Packaging Designs From Expert Packaging Manufacturers

3 Tips For Great Packaging Designs From Expert Packaging Manufacturers

3 Design Tips for an Effective Product Packaging from Professional Packaging Manufacturers

  • Play With Your Designs – The packaging of a product contributes to the overall saleability of the product. When customers do not buy your product — no matter how great– it could mean that your packaging is not engaging enough and that you should explore fresh, new designs. It is important to ensure that your packaging conveys your brand message. It doesn’t matter if you go bold, create a minimalist design, use plastic or metal, once you find the right packaging design, everything would turn out great — even your sales!
  • Always Be Practical – Practicality is important, especially if the promotional product packaging affects the function of the product. Ease of use should always supersede the appearance. Don’t use designs that impede the function of your products. Always take a look at the market and figure out ways to improve the functionality and quality of your packaging. Also, always consider your marketing budget. Make something that is within your means. If you want to know the top material choices for promotional gifts and packaging, check out our blog. The below link tackles the benefits of using EVA and PVC materials for packaging.
  • Check For Competition – You should always study your competition. This allows you to understand what design elements they are incorporating in their custom retail packaging. This could also spark new ideas within your team.  Furthermore, take a look at less successful brands to get an idea about their packaging design mistakes.

Our featured photo shows some good samples of packaging. But at the same time, it highlights the negative elements of bad display and presentation.  Clearly, these brands need a good POS display or to easily attract potential customers or put up pop display signs to help differentiate one brand from another.

If you want to know more about creating attractive product packaging, feel free to contact us. Our team has an extensive experience in marketing and manufacturing and you can depend on use for your sourcing, designing and manufacturing needs.


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