Spotted at Circle K was a conical packaging of a Vietnamese traditional flavor white sesame candy. Because of its bespoke design it caught the attention of many consumers. It also stood out from the array of snacks available at the local convenience store. The unusual way of packaging had made a strong impact to customers – brand exposure at its finest!

conical packaging

conical packaging

What Makes Us Love This Conical Packaging?

  • Relevant – The Vietnamese conical hat, also known as The Non La,  is a traditional symbol of Vietnam. In the past, it is used as a protective headgear from the sun and rain, or even as a basket used for shopping or a bowl to collect water from a well. Hence, to make use of this iconic hat as a custom packaging for food products shows how much history is being valued by the brand.
  • Cost-Effective  – The material used is paper which can be easily sourced. Moreover, brands attached a ribbon to it to make it look like a mini Non La. Overall, it not only pushes people to be eco-friendly, but it also maximizes profit at the lowest cost incurred.
  • Eye-Catching  – Instead of the widely used and seen rectangular promotional packaging design, why not go for the distinctive and different style like the conical packaging? What makes it special is the pointed top and broad base. Shaped like a mini mountain, people will certainly be curious to what could fit in there. This raises awareness about your brand as customers pick it up to find out more about the unique design and the product itself.


Other Ways To Market Your Brands

  • Promotional Carry Bag – What makes this appealing is it can be reused for many purposes – eg. a gift bag for your friend’s birthday. Moreover, the material is sturdy and not flimsy so it will not be easily torn apart. The aesthetics of the bag is also alluring at first glance, with transparent bags being on the rise in popularity.
  • Imagery Shelf TalkersCustom Shelf talkers are another cost-efficient way to increase brand visibility. Usually, promoting through an image will bring your message across easier as the human brains process images 60,000 times faster than text. Below is an example:
  • POS Display Designer – A POS Display is large and can hold many of your brand’s products. This can promote and entice customers to grab and go without hesitating further. Your brand will become more noticeable among the sea of competitors.
  • Complimentary Gift with Purchase – Who doesn’t love “free” items? It is an effective way to up-sell customers or get them to purchase an item. Choosing the right gift as it should support and improve your business. Also, other details like including the offer period is necessary to urge impulse purchases.
  • Quick-Response Codes – With the rise in technology, QR codes are convenient in educating customers about the ongoing campaign. It also saves cost as brands can focus on the advertising visuals instead of adding long explanations.

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