Ted Baker has created an original and secretive promotional product packaging design for this shower custom gift set. The set includes a generous four items. A cleansing bar, hair and body wash, and body spray. These products will leave customers feeling fresh and clean.


What’s to love about this packaging?

Brand placement: The brand name Ted Baker has been placed on the front and middle of the tin. The merchandise design makes sure the brand is not missed by customers. Ted Baker is a well-regarded company whose name alone will attract customers. The brand is also printed on the sides of the box, so whatever angle you’re walking past at, you will see the brand name.

Promotional Packaging Design

Promotional Packaging Design

Tin box: The tin box is reusable, making it an even better material choice. Customers are able to keep the box at home which is not only environmentally friendly, but also literally keeps your brand alive. People aren’t going to throw out the custom tin packaging which showcases the brand even when it isn’t on store shelves.

See this blog for custom tin box manufacturing information:

Print design: Many packaging techniques involve patterns and more abstract design techniques. Ted Baker’s original promotional packaging design makes use of a photo printed on the top. The photo on the top of the tin feels very stylish and high-end, you might say. The door in the photo creates the idea you are opening the door to reach the products- an inventive idea to create some mystery for shoppers. This promotional merchandise idea will keep customers wanting to find out more.


Simplicity: The promotional packaging design is simple, yet effective. A simple description of the products is printed on the underneath of the tin which promotes the products to make you ‘more than presentable’. It doesn’t go on a tangent but gives people enough information to know about each product and its role in this shower gift set. The front is also simple with just a photo and brand name. An effective styling technique for any promotional retail item.

Promotional Packaging Design

Promotional Packaging Design

Improvements for this Promotional Packaging Design

There is no description on the front of the packaging of what products are included. While the secretive packaging is enticing to customers, most people want to see what products are included from the start. Ted Baker is a well-known and successful brand. This may be effective for them, however, may not be the way to go for many companies who are still trying to get their brand out there and noticed. A helpful marketing strategy for your company would be to add an on-pack promotion on the front.


Custom Packaging – Is it worth it?

In short… Absolutely! Premium packaging designs are a great way to expose your brand on a more advanced level.

Brand awareness: Custom retail merchandise is a no-brainer when it comes to creating brand awareness. Simply by creating customised packaging, you are already standing out as an original brand.

Clear image: If you create a cohesive collection of products that all mesh into one brand image, you are sure to attract a long-lasting customer base. Image is important as it shows what you, as a brand, stand for.


Please contact us, The ODM Group, for further inquiries about custom brand packaging design. We can help you design and manufacture any premium packaging ideas. See more case studies below regarding similar packaging inspiration.


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