Ted Baker have taken an interesting approach to their festive marketing campaign. They have used a creative visual display idea in the form of the Abominable Showman character. The character has been displayed in the front window of their Portsmouth store in England. Alongside this unique marketing campaign, they have utilized customer interaction. Customers can engage with the brand online by creating their own Abominable Showman. They also get to choose a song to go with their created character. This is a interesting technique to engage customers visually and audibly.

Ted Baker is an English luxury clothing company. Operative both online and having a high street presence, they must be innovative with their marketing campaigns. The Abominable Showman visual display idea is unusual and grabs customers attention. See the image above, the character is eye-catching and unique. This draws attention to your brand. It also creates a lasting impression as people will continue to talk about what they have seen. This is a strong form of long lasting brand awareness.

Visual display idea – Ted Baker’s Abominable Showman

Visual display idea – Ted Baker’s Abominable Showman

What benefits can your brand gain from this visual display idea?

  • Spot-on Brand Exposure: Ted Baker did not use a different logo; it is still the same one they have been marking their products with for years. This exposes the brand more to consumers.
  • Active Customer Pull: Three-dimensional displays like the Abominable Showman are not common. Thus, it can encourage passers by to stop and check out the store it belongs to.
  • Superior Brand Visibility. When a unique advertising ploy gets seen by those who are fond of social networking sites, they will want to pose with the display and post it on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Word can travel fast once it enters the web, and the viewers can potentially become clients after that.

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