One of the best ways to maximize visual impact is by using a POS video display. That is why, for their last campaign, Mightymug made sure to incorporate a POS display with LCD screen. The brand is known for manufacturing innovative tip-resistant mugs. Thanks to smartgrip technology, drinking cups grip on any flat surface so they won’t fall even if they are knocked into.

POS Video Display by Mightymug Increasing Brand's Visual Impact

POS Video Display by Mightymug Increasing Brand’s Visual Impact

For customers who are not familiar with the product, a tip-resistant tumbler may sound too good to be true. So in order to get the customers to understand how it works and its benefits, a video demonstration is necessary.

Why We Think a POS Video Display is Necessary:

A POS video display is a great addition to your promotional campaign. It not only increments the overall visual appearance of your setup, but it also helps to get your message across clearly. Here’s why we think you should be using a POS video display in your project:

  • Entices Customers: Video demonstrations are a great way to entice customers. Showing how a product works and its benefits through a video presentation can have a great impact on their buying decision since shoppers want to see results.
  • Practical: With a POS video display, sales reps can just sit back and devote their time to attending to their customers and other important aspects of their business. Moreover, it allows them to reach out to multiple shoppers at once without having to spend large amount of money for TV ads.
  • Brand Awareness: Videos are very effective in disseminating information. A such, utilizing a POS video display can help create brand awareness among shoppers. And an increase in brand awareness often leads to higher sales.

If you are thinking of adapting the same technique, we suggest making the screen bigger so customers can clearly see what is actually happening in the video.

Another point, you can also try employing live demonstration to augment your campaign. You can ask the audience to try your products to let them know how effective your merchandise truly is. Check out this video POS display and live demonstration from Cosmoprof Asia. One of the participants played audio visual presentations in between live demonstrations.

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Entertaining and informative, a POS video display is a great way to differentiate your brand from the others. If you need help with creating your own custom POS display units, feel free to contact ODM. For designs and customization, speak with our Mindsparkz team.

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