Just recently we visited Cosmoprof Asia, the largest gathering of cosmetics merchants and key players in the cosmetics supply chain. The trade fare was held in Hong Kong and we found a number of awesome merchandise on display. We also witnessed the creativity of merchandisers at the event. They went all out with their presentations so as to make their products appealing to visitors. And one of the presentations that caught our attention is the video POS display and live makeup demonstration done by one of the participants.

Unique Trade Show Marketing Idea Cosmetics Video POS Display

Unique Trade Show Marketing Idea Cosmetics Video POS Display

The POS display is a luggage full of makeup items. The lid of the trunk has a built-in screen doing demonstrations between live shows. This is a unique way to draw crowds and keep them interested.

Why We Love This Marketing Idea

Trade fairs are a great platform to showcase your product and services. But with so many things to do- props, theme, designs- setting up your booth can be overwhelming. Presentation can have a huge impact on the outcome of your show. That’s why we share a few important points we learned from our example.

  • Video Display Boosts Booth Traffic: Adding a visual attraction to stimulate curiosity can be a great way to gain a huge following. Cosmetic POS display with video advertising display gives onlookers an idea how the items are used. If you are selling cosmetic products, visual aids are extremely important as users want to see instant results, that’s why makeup tutorials are so popular nowadays.
  • Live Show Sustains Interest: Live makeup demo helps retain audience interest because it is exciting to see makeup tutorials in person. It also allows clients to try out the products themselves and get a few pointers from the makeup artist.
  • Interesting Presentation Attracts People: The booth looks inviting and the color pink really stood out. The whole setting is simple and dainty, which suits their target market. Straightforward set up allows the viewers to focus on the video and live demonstration.
  • Makes Lasting Impression: Informative and entertaining, incorporating video POS display and live advertising is a great way to impress customers and clients. This is because they gain first hand information about how the product works and how effective it is.

Indeed, a good set up is essential to a successful trade show marketing. Combining the effectiveness of live demonstration and the benefits of a video POS display allows them to deliver their message fast and clear.

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