We found this promotional pen holder in Macau Golf & Country Club and think it is ideal for desks and reception area. They patterned the design from their industry. Since they are into golfing, the golf course – like design makes the pen holder eye-catching and appealing. Mainly, the promotion targets the middle-aged, male businessman. This promotional tool is perfect for high – traffic public areas. Doing this will increase brand value.

How Macau Golf and Country Club uses this Promotional Pen Holder

How Macau Golf and Country Club uses this Promotional Pen Holder

Why We Love This Promotional Pen Holder?

  • Design. As mentioned, the design is eye-catching. The round design serves as a steady base to fully support the pen.  The golf course – like design makes it very appealing to golf enthusiasts. Everyone will surely notice this little promotional item.
  • Materials. The materials used for this pen holder are eco-friendly cork and polyresin.
  • Customisable. This pen holder can be customised easily. You can use any design or even your brand logo. A good custom design will guarantee your brand’s marketing success.
  • Free Advertisement. Due to its conspicuous placement, they are always hard to miss. Hence, people will always notice your brand leading to free exposure.
  • Useful. Admit it, we love free items that have a purpose.This is why this pen holder is a great promotional item

Aside from a promotional pen holder, your brand can also use a desk organiser. Wherein pens, pins, pencils, etc can easily fit and look neat. Check this out: Desktop promotional items for more samples.

Some pen holders may sometimes look a bit boring. But with a little creativity and functional design, it may help brand recognition and boost brand exposure. This is why ODM is your perfect partner for your marketing needs.

Here at ODM we have a lot of experience in delivering high-quality design work to our clients. Why not contact us today to see if we can help you with any upcoming projects.

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