The famous Macau Grand Prix started just few days ago.  Of course, every hotel wants to attract as many customers as possible during this yearly event. City Of Dreams, one of the Macau’s resorts, offered a promotional cap at the entrance of this well loved event.

A promotional cap for a sports event.

A promotional cap to celebrate Macau's Grand Prix with City of Dreams

A promotional cap to celebrate Macau’s Grand Prix with City of Dreams

Right next to the main entrance of the track, hostesses were spotted giving away this promotional cap to every visitor. The Macau’s Grand Prix is a sport event, thus, offering a sporty looking cap is relevant.  This promotional item is very practical – especially for Macau’s weather. We saw many people wearing it during the race; a huge visibility for the brand.

As you can see, the promotional cap given away by City Of Dreams is a very high-end one. The fact that the logo is embroidered enhances its impression. Of course, the brand chose to offer a cap but there are a lot of other kinds of items that are suitable for a sport event like the Macau Grand Prix.

Why is nice to use a promotional cap to promote your brand?

It is agreed that a cap is a common item, but a promotional cap could potentially have a big impact. This item is relatively inexpensive but, because of its practicality, everybody would be glad to receive this as a gift. For the brand, it is also a nice product to get important visibility at a relatively reasonable cost. By wearing this promotional cap, the public is actually helping the firm to increase its brand awareness; something that is always needed in order to stand out from the crowd.

Don’t forget that there is a better way to emphasize all of the benefits described above: sponsoring! If your brand is the official partner and sponsor of a specific event, you will see huge increase in your sales and popularity.