TED conferences are very famous is being held all around the world. During a recent TEDx event, a few items has been offered including a unique notebook.

A unique notebook as a gift.

Do not miss any words of TEDx conferences with this unique notebook.

Do not miss any words of TEDx conferences with this unique notebook.

When each guest enters into the conference room, they will find on their chair, a bag full of goodies. Among other things, this unique notebook was one of the most relevant item. Of course, many participants wanted to take down some notes during the conference; and this notebook really helped them out big time. As you can see, this item is small enough to fit into your hand. That way, you can carry wherever you go.

These days, a lot of people prefer to use their computer or tablet because it is more convenient and better for the environment. However,if gifts like these unique notebook are made of recyclable materials, it would be so much more interesting and meaningful. In addition to the notebook, it would have been interesting to attach a pen to it as well.

This item can also be kept as a souvenir of this well-known event. Not everybody has the opportunity to attend such event with famous speakers from all over the world.

Why giving away a unique notebook is smart.

This unique notebook has many feature even if this item is pretty standard.

First of all, this product is cheap but the benefits for the brand and for the person who receives it is huge. A notebook is always useful in any situation and this is even more so during a conference. Thanks to the nice red cover, TED creates brand awareness for themselves. This kind of product can be very high-end because the fact that it is made of recyclable material introduces the fact that the brand has lots of concerns about the environment. It is trendy, and crucialy, reflects the eco-friendly side of the company! So now you know what item to offer for your next event!