A customized notebook is a really good marketing gift. Sands Rewards Club always wants their important members to feel valued and important at their establishment and by providing gifts to them, customers will feel that they are part of that organisation.

A pretty high end customized notebook has been offered by Sands China this time. It definitely increases the loyalty from guests with the premium notebook and offer a practical item that can be used in a daily basis.

How does the customized notebook help Sands in their marketing campaign?

Customized Notebook offered by Sands China

Customized Notebook offered by Sands China

As we can see from the above image, the brand of Las Vegas Sands Corp. is debossed on the cover of the notebook. Sands China belongs to Sands Worldwide organisation. For notebooks we can also look into different logo printing options such as silk screen, embossed, stamping etc.. Each of them have their own costings and can be easily adapted to any requirements.

The unique design inside the book has been seen around the whole organisation merchandise: Sand in China, including the Sands Cotail Central, Venetian Macau as well as hotel rooms, casinos.

Every single page inside the book has an unique design for advertising. It makes the members in Sands Rewards Club get a better understanding and image of the corporation.

By offering the advertising notebook, Sands China will definitely make customers believe that they are a strong organisation, thinking about them.

Customized Notebook offered by Sands China

Customized Notebook offered by Sands China

How can we use this customized notebook and how useful will it be?

Unique features like special designs and materials would allow the customers to be attracted to the brand even more. According to every campaign’s budget, you can consider using real leather or PU for the external cover.  It is vital for every company since such strong brand recall can certainly help in brand awareness and brand image.

We are pleased to help with the unique design with the help of our in house design team.

China enjoys a reputation of biggest factory in the world with advanced technology. Notebook is a simple product. At the same time, it can be a cool marketing gift with unique design.

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