Golf season is in full swing now with the first major tournament, the Masters of Augusta, finishing up yesterday in Georgia USA.  This is a great time to offer promotional golf products or golf gadgets to golfers and spectators of PGA tour events! During a four day golf tournament attendance can reach over a hundred thousand spectators. This offers a great opportunity to give out products to the first couple thousand people who enter the tournament grounds.

Mini Golf Bag for accessories

Make sure to associate your brand to any type of golf clothing for this exciting golf tournament season. If your company is a sponsor of any golf tournament think of free golf giveaways. The very popular ones with spectators of golf tournaments are, hats, towels, golf balls, golf tees, pitch repair tool, umbrellas, t-shirts or polos.

These items are easily customizable to your company requirements (color, logos, brand name, etc..).

Golf Monocular Product

Golf promotional products can also be offered as GWP campaigns throughout golf shops and country clubs. For example your company could offer a free golf monocular with the purchase of a new set of irons or a new driver.  The golf monocular will help them know exactly the distance from there ball to the flag. This item is very easy to print a logo or brand name on, great way to increase the visibility of your brand and get other golfers to get exposure and knowledge of your company.

Golfers always enjoy receiving golf related products especially products that can be used to play and practice the game. They especially appreciate products that can help them enhance there game by lowering there score on the course. Check out our previous blog on other promotional golf products for fun ideas. Any type of golf related item can be customized to your company’s corporate colors, brand name or logo.

Contact ODMasia for any request on golf gadgets, promotional products and items for GWP campaigns related to the old Scottish sport. See more golf theme promotional items on ODM’s product database!

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