A lot of people are into sports; may it be football, wrestling or simply jogging. Sports have become an integral part of life. People are looking for more ways to get active and stop the sedentary lifestyle hence a lot of brands have introduced promotional sports merchandise to their marketing campaigns. In our photo, we see an on-pack promotion from Carnation, a known milk brand, with a knee support band as an on-pack gift.

Promotional Sports Merchandise: Strengthening Carnation's Marketing

Promotional Sports Merchandise: Strengthening Carnation’s Marketing

On-Pack Gifts

Seeing an on-pack gift is something that excites customers and shoppers. It easily attracts customers because getting another item on top of your regular purchase is always a good deal. As a result, brands who run promotional giveaways are always perceived to be generous which improves the whole brand image.

Why Your Brand Should Run A Promotional Sports Merchandise?

  • Enhance Brand ImageSports GWP supports the drive to health and wellness. And when your brand run such promotions, this shows that you wholeheartedly support your customers to lead a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it leaves a good impression towards the brand which later improves the whole brand image.
  • Affordability – There are several promotional sports merchandise that is cost-effective. Manufacturing these items won’t cost your brand an arm and a leg. This knee support band is a good example of an affordable sports giveaway. Therefore, you may create a lot of these items and offer them as a gift with purchase or giveaways during trade shows or sporting events.
  • Customisability – This knee support band is highly-customisable. There are several materials that may be used to achieve the elastic feature of the support band and prices of these materials vary. So, the material that will be used depends on your marketing budget and your preference. Anyway, there is always that perfect material that fits all your conditions. But if you’d like a professional opinion, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.
  • Branding Potential – If you’re wearing a branded sports gear and use it during sports events, this exposes the brand even further. People will see and remember your brand through these promotional sports merchandise. Imagine a local basketball player wears your branded knee support band and your local newspaper covers a story for him complete with a photograph. It’s instant publicity for your brand. Actually, there are several ways on how to maximise your branding potential. But before you think about the technicalities, just ensure that your brands are legible and clear on these promotional products. You don’t want to end up in a blur.
Promotional Sports Merchandise: Strengthening Carnation's Marketing

Promotional Sports Merchandise: Strengthening Carnation’s Marketing

How To Improve This Promotion?

We’d say that the promotion is almost perfect. But, we can still improve the whole pack.

  • Box Design – The brand could’ve had clearly stated that there’s a free knee support band for every purchase of the on-pack promo. Actually, even the word “free” would change how the customers see the item. So, if you’d like to intensify the promotional item’s attractiveness, improve the cardboard packaging design.
  • POS Display – As you may have noticed, the item sits blankly in the usual store shelf. Point of sale displays improve the boring uninteresting look of an item. If you’d like to get inspiration or get tips on creating an effective POS display, please see the link below:

Overall, this promotional sports merchandise is a straight, no-fuzz promotion. Its simplicity makes it more attractive. So, if this item interests you or would like to know more about sports promo, feel free to contact us anytime. Our team is always ready to assist you.


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