Why do business owners invest heavily in POS and merchandise displays? Having a Merchandise POS display is a great way to put your brand in the spotlight. It gives you opportunity to gain a competitive edge against competitors. Furthermore, it is extremely crucial in a saturated market. It sets the tone of the promotion and should deliver your brand message effectively. Also, different pos display designs allow you to cater to a wide range of customers. Therefore, they can make use of colours, patterns, shapes, sizes to make them stand out. Here’s a fine example by Marc Jacobs.

merchandise pos display

merchandise pos display

How to make an effective merchandise pos display?

Make It Unique.

Marc Jacobs makes a perfect example of a well-played merchandise pos display. They designed a well-lit branded FSDU with three levels. On the very top they put custom branded perfume bottles. Each of them is different.

Pay Attention to Details.

“The Devil is in the details.” A good merchandising pos display should represent all that you can to advertise the product. But sometimes focusing on one product allows you to highlight what’s good about it. Look at Marc Jacob’s stand.

Below is one of their perfumes. Designed into a purse, it features a long golden shoulder strap with a tassel. Also, if you look closer there are tester papers with their slogan printed on each strip. This is a great way to increase brand engagement as customers would be curious to know how it smells like. Doing so allows them to make smart buying decisions.

merchandise pos display

merchandise pos display

Be Creative.

As you can see, Marc Jacobs designed each bottle differently. This makes them more special. You can see that they put a lot of effort in designing cute-looking bottles for their perfumes. The bottles correspond to their marketing theme “Pick Your Daisy.” Only the caps are customized but they surely made a great impact on customers. Add something which makes you different to increase brand recognition. Make your perfume merchandising meaningful and engaging to attract more people to your perfume POS display.

Make Your Packaging Eye-Catching

Not only bottles are creative. The flower image appears on their packages. Each variant comes in custom retail packaging. Indeed, this strategy is a simple way to build brand awareness. When customers see these boxes, they would consider them a good gift for their loved ones.

Use Appropriate #Hashtag to Boost Online Presence

Look at the display’s background advertisement sign. Apart from different colours for each presented perfume, the a hashtag- #pickyourdaisy is calling customers to share this on social media. Hashtags have a huge power in creating a better online presence. Thus, when they buy their perfume and are happy with their purchase, they can share this on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.


Each bottle of Marc Jacobs scent has descriptions. It is made to help clients imagine the scents. What we learned from this? A meaningful pos display allows you to put your brand message across more effectively. If customers are able to understand your brand message easily – it’s your win.

merchandise pos display

merchandise pos display

All in all…

To design a creative merchandise pos display make sure that it’s meaningful, attractive, and effective. The goal is to inspire customers to take a look at your products and drive impulse purchase. Make sure to emphasize the positives to give you a marketing edge.

How ODM can help?

Our team of designers and specialists are here to help you come up with the best merchandise POS display for your business. We’re ready to help you stand out in the market with unique and eye-catching designs. Please feel free to contact us!

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