There are literally tons of products in a retail shop. So, you’ll need to think of something that will make your brand stand out from the rest. And, one effective way of catching the attention of customers is through promotional products. In today’s case study, we see a small but truly effective marketing campaign by Swish, a personal care brand. Swish offers customers a free promotional pouch in every pack of Swish breath spray.

This is a great offer as a travel promotion because it is best to carry during trips. Everyone needs to have a compact and handy travel pouch that fits perfectly in their bags. This branded pouch looks trendy and is practical so people will always find a use for it.


Promotional Pouch: Swish Fast Marketing Wins Customer Loyalty

Promotional Pouch: Swish Fast Marketing Wins Customer Loyalty

We certainly love the graphic designs on the pouch: neat and artsy. Frequent travelers would find this useful as this can also be use to keep other essential cosmetic and personal care items such as toothbrush, comb, and toothpaste. This means extended brand exposure for the brand even after the product has been consumed.

Offering a promotional pouch bag as on-pack gift for their customers is definitely a good marketing strategy. Here’s why:


Promotional Pouch as On Pack Offer – What are the Benefits?

  • Improves Brand Visibility – This travel promotional gift has ample space to imprint your logo, slogan, or illustrations on. Customizing this promotional item for your brand allows marketing managers to be creative in their marketing approach. In our example, Swish features a trendy and cute design that catches the attention of the customers almost immediately. Therefore, by using this promotional item, customers are exposing the brand to many people, who in turn, could be potential customers.
  • Stimulate Sales – It has always been proven that a gift with purchase motivates customers to make impulse purchases. When a brand incentivises the shoppers for their purchase, they feel appreciated. As a result, they perceive the brand in a more positive light.
  • Can Be Custom Designed to Match Brand Image– A promotional pouch can come in various sizes, colors, designs, and shapes. As for the materials, cotton, canvas, PU leather, and polyester are the most common ,material of choice. Depending on the material, design, and style the MOQ and pricing could vary. Product designers may also apply various printing techniques on the pouch to make the designs come alive. If you would like to see a brilliant printing technique that is widely used in the promotional industry, do check this blog out:
  • Strengthens Customer Loyalty: The main goal of offering marketing gifts is to enhance customer loyalty. These gifts will serve as a tangible remembrance of their great shopping experience. Furthermore, when shoppers see that you are offering giveaways for them, it inspires word-of-mouth. What this means for the brand and for the retail shop itself, is increased walk-ins as customers are intrigued by the said promotion.
  • Encourages Good Oral Hygiene: Many people bring grooming items with them at school and at work. Thus, offering a free item that complements their breath spray encourages more people to take good care of their oral health. Aside from breath spray, they can also squeeze in their dental floss into the bag. As a brand that promotes oral care, the product they chose to gift their customers definitely helped them get their message across.


In Conclusion…

Swish did an excellent job promoting their brand with a gwp pouch. Not only is it practical and beautiful, but it also goes well with the main selling product. Overall, no matter how simple a promo gift is, for as long as it is given wholeheartedly, customers would love it and appreciate it. And in turn, shoppers may give back by choosing to support your brand over others.


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