If you are thinking about how you can extend brand engagement and visibility, consider using imprinted bags. As more people are travelling during the summer season, a branded bag would be a practical marketing gift you could give your customers. So, as part of Starbucks summer promotions, they are offering custom branded bags to their customers.

 Imprinted bags

Imprinted bags

These limited-edition Zongzi bags are exclusive branded redemption gifts. Zongzhi is a traditional rice dish in China and is usually eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival. Popularly known as rice dumpling, zongzhi is is stuffed with different mouth-watering fillings. But how does this connect with Starbucks’ branded bags?

Well Zongzhi is wrapped in bamboo leaf in triangular or rectangular shape. As you can see from the photo, the small pouch resembles the traditional glutinous rice delicacy. Since it is really popular during the Dragon Boat Festival, which is held around June 25, it only makes sense to offer these bags as summer promotional items.


Why Starbucks’ Imprinted Bags are an Excellent Promotional Item

Look at Starbuck’s example. They created a pos display where they promote their gift with purchase summer bags. The bags come in three different designs. A backpack, a handbag, and a smaller pouch. The designs are simple with their logo clearly seen on the bags.  Not only are they beautiful and trendy, but they also helped promote the company in many ways. Moreover, they offer 50% discount coupon at their café.

 Imprinted bags

Imprinted bags

Starbucks has some of the best promotional product ideas that you can get inspiration from. Aside from bags, they also offer cute plush toys, key chains, and other limited-edition souvenirs. Here are some of them:


Starbucks wowed their customers with some colorful and unique merchandise such as custom card holders, custom water bottles, and keychains.


These branded marketing products for the Year of the Dog get people talking about the Chinese New Year! Check out some of their CNY themed promotional products here:


Starbucks often collaborate with other brands or artists to give their company a boost. Last year, they worked with famous contemporary clothing company Alice + Olivia for their Valentine’s Day promotion. The result? Eye-catching merchandise that customers really love!


Why imprinted bags?

Fully custom.

Design promotional bags according to your needs. Imprinted bags are not only a perfect gift for your customers. You can fully customize the design, style, and color. In other words, you can increase brand visibility by placing logo on your promotional gift bag. Since Starbucks is offering a summer promotion, using pastel colors for the bags is a great choice. The bags look cool and neat.

Useful product.

Custom branded bags are a brilliant way to appeal to your target customers. Aside from aesthetics, functionality is one of the things that customers look for in a custom retail merchandise. Furthermore, it ensures that customers feel they are getting something extra for their money. Moreover, it is also going to grab the attention of anyone who passes by this advert.

 Imprinted bags

Imprinted bags


Brand awareness.

There is no better way to increase brand awareness than offering a promotional product that customers can use every day. In this case it is imprinted bag. As bags are an essential part of our busy work life, it only makes sense to offer a marketing gift or a redemption gift that will give your brand maximum brand exposure.


Ideal Summer Promotional Item

Starbucks did a great job boosting their summer promotion with this unique and trendy coffee shop merchandise. Many will people will love to have a bag they can use for an overnight trip to the beach or the countryside. With frequent use, brand engagement is reinforced.


In Conclusion…

While we love Starbucks’ promotional strategy, we feel that they could have made their marketing more engaging if they made the mechanics for redeeming the bags clear. Having an English translation on their adverts will help them target a larger consumer base. Doing so may save them time because they won’t have to explain to their non-Chinese speaking customers how they can obtain their limited-edition bags.

If you want to save more while amplifying your brand campaign, imprinted bags are a great option! Their practicality make them a valuable marketing tool. Moreover, they can be used in many ways: as purchase with purchase offer, redemption gift, or giveaway prize.

 Imprinted bags

Imprinted bags

How ODM can help?

Get in touch with The ODM Group to learn more about how we can vastly improve your business. Our product designers will be able to provide you with unique and interesting ideas for you to wow your audience and increase brand recognition. Our designers and merchandisers will assist you from product brainstorming all the way through the designing and manufacturing stage!


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