promotional backpacks by actimel

Actimel in the UK just ran a GWP campaign featuring promotional bags. Promotional Bags remain one of the most popular promotional products on the market.

Who could blame a marketing manager for wanting to showcase the message from their company in such a strong location.   However, in this case Actimel is offering Dakine backpacks, a brand connected with outdoor sports, so the perceived value of this gift is higher.

Just looking at 2011, we already listed 37 ODM blogs on bags. This shows their popularity. Scroll to end to read through…

“Actimel is offering you the chance to win one of up to 500 backpacks every day. Enter the code from a promotional 12 pack to see if you have won. Every day 500 winning codes will be drawn at random and if you enter one of the codes selected, you’re a winner, it’s as simple as that!”

Promotional Bags by Actimel

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