Doesn’t everybody like freebies? Well, a giveaway prize will definitely stir some enthusiasm in you! There are attractive prizes to be won – such as a motorbike, mobile phone and a trip down to Japan. These will certainly drive impulse purchases, hence boosting sales. For FamilyMart to conduct a promotional giveaway to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the establishment is a great way to show appreciation for customers!


Giveaway Prize To Stir Excitement In Marketing Campaign

Giveaway Prize To Stir Excitement In Marketing Campaign

Using a corrugated board as a POS Display is a smart tactic to attract the attention of customers. It surely is memorable and easy to view!


Giveaway Prize To Stir Excitement In Marketing Campaign2

Giveaway Prize To Stir Excitement In Marketing Campaign

Increase your chances of winning by purchasing the specific Fuze Tea drink that is boxed out! This certainly increases the perceived value of the product and, therefore customers will be more inclined to get it rather than the intended drink in mind.

Giveaway Prize To Stir Excitement In Marketing Campaign

Giveaway Prize To Stir Excitement In Marketing Campaign

The promotional sticker plastered on the refrigerator is also a great way to create emphasis and reminder on the contest!

Why Is A Giveaway Prize Effective For Brands?

  • Increased Visibility – With so many brands to compete with, brands with a competitive edge, unique selling point or something to satisfy customers’ needs such as a practical gift with purchase will definitely stand out. Hence, promo giveaways are one way to increase brand visibility in order to raise sales and appeal.
  • Customer Engagement – Contests are a fun way to interact with customers as they take time to understand your purpose behind the giveaway. This way, it will increase trust and understanding of the brand. This will positively affect the brand’s image and certainly build a stronger customer base!
  • Brand Awareness – Word of mouth about this giveaway will surely spread like wildfire. This is because everybody wants a chance at winning something worth much more than the product purchased. Therefore, it helps with brand recognition and awareness likewise with on-pack promos.

So, apart from custom promotional products,  a giveaway prize is also an innovative way for brands to gain sales! At ODM, we have a lot of experience in the industry to manufacture high-quality products and sketch product designs for you. Feel free to contact us today for inquiry!

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