As always, restaurants look for new ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors. They thrive to increase visibility as much as they can. The demand for promotional products is sky-high with many establishments seeing them as an indispensable part of their promotional strategy. Because driving impulse purchase is the ultimate reason why brands use promo giveaways.

We got this Fridge magnet promo from the Curry Pot, an Indian Restaurant along the bar area of Lockhart road in Hong Kong. It is conveniently near our Hong Kong office.

Custom Fridge Magnet Promos - Driving Impulse Purchase

Custom Fridge Magnet Promos – Driving Impulse Purchase

Notice its attention-grabbing question (and red-hot colour): Why eat cold food?   The cute Indian mascot adds to the overall aesthetic setting itself apart from other magnets.

Why do we think this fridge magnet is driving impulse purchase for the restaurant?

  • Promotes the Brand – The Curry Pot’s fridge magnet effectively drives traffic to their hotline with a simple message in the perfect location. Potential customers are ransacking their refrigerator for food when they are hungry.  Certainly, The magnet reminds them of the delicious hot curry they had at the Curry Pot, enticing them to call for delivery (free) – driving impulse purchase.   Sadly, we are suckers for such advertising and need to support anyone using this type of mechanism.
  • Customisable – Above all, these fridge magnets are highly-customisable. Brands could have their own design, size, colour, and theme. Fridge magnets increase engagement with your customers. In Curry Pot’s case, they’ve created something that bears their restaurant contact details. The magnet serves as a business card for the restaurant. Check out this clever ref magnet by Hotel M

Overall, this fridge magnet is definitely driving impulse purchase for the restaurant. It’s a good campaign considering that it doesn’t require a large marketing budget to pull off the stunt.

If you like this fridge magnet, feel free to contact ODM anytime. Here at ODM, we have an experienced team that specialises in marketing and manufacturing promotional products.

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