A promotional calender is a great promotional product to showcase your products by month – this means 12 great products to play with!  Make it fun and don’t overly advertise what you are selling – you’ve got a year to be subliminal.

Here’s a great example from Crumpler Bags showing the full potential a promotional calender as a GWP mechanism to increase perceived value of purchase & at same time effectively convey their message that their bags are fun and trendy.

Notice: Crumpler cleverly used its calender giveaway as an indirect catalogue – ending off its calender with a list of “some bags“, with a different bag featured each month. The theme adds a nostalgic touch to the calender with its recollection of rather random historical moments, making it all the more interesting.

Effective promotional products are those that will be seen repeatedly. Calenders are such items, offering utility in keeping track of the year and various holidays; for corporate clients – their business schedule on a day-by-day basis.

Customers tend to use calenders that come along with items they buy rather than purchasing a new one. Offering your customers a fun promo calender is important in achieving a key goal for all promotional products – ensuring it is used. A creative touch or appealing design/theme is critical.

Here’s another great idea for a calender that ODM suggest you try – the Coupon Calender. Every month features a special discount. This showcases the different products your brand carry and when you give discounts off certain items. It could work really well in F&B sectors.

Coupon Calender by Circle K