Duty Free Stores are places where we see lots of promotional gifts. Customers love the fact that Duty-free sells tax-free items. This set up increases customers desire to purchase something from the renowned store. Obviously, brands see this a good opportunity to bombard the store with awesome promotions that may increase their sales. Hence, we see a GWP promo from Chivas.

Chivas, a leading brand of whiskey, offers an exciting gwp promo to its new and loyal customers. They are giving away limited edition custom travel bag and trolley bag. Furthermore, Chivas donates $2 to The Smile Train Charity everytime someone buys their products.

How to get these quality marketing gifts?

Getting these gifts is relatively simple. Customers need to buy Chivas products to get these bags. If customers spend AED 334 or $93 and above, customers automatically receive a free Chivas Regal – branded trolley bag. While for those customers who spend at least AED 224 or $66, they get a limited edition travel bag.

Chivas GWP Promo: Trolley or Travel Bag

Chivas GWP Promo: Trolley or Travel Bag

Trolley and Travel bags as Chivas GWP Promo

Though these products are just for free, Chivas makes sure that these items are always made from quality materials. All their bags undergo specific quality control. Also, these were produced by a high-quality promo gift manufacturer. If you want something like this and have limited marketing budget, feel free to contact the ODM team for assistance.

Why do we love this promotion from Chivas?

  • Classy Design – The overall black theme makes the bag more elegant. It doesn’t look like that it’s a free item; it looks like a high-end product. Because of this fact, customers would love to have their hands on this promotional item. Overall, this increases the chances of customers purchasing Chivas Regal’s products.
  • Brand Exposure – The product has a wide area for branding. In Chivas’ case, they customised their logo on the bag without sacrificing the elegance of the item. Also, since these bags are something customers often use, it promotes continued visibility. Therefore, this could increase their sales and profitability.

Overall, this promotion effectively demonstrates Chivas brand value and image. By further offering limited edition promotional products and donating a portion of their sales to charity says a lot about the brand. This leaves a good impression on customers.

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