Free promotional gifts are a good opportunity to attract attention. Alcohol merchandise is a well-developing industry. Like many others, Scotch whiskey makers, Chivas Regal, have been on the market for over 200 years. The Scottish company later expanded overseas to Europe and the Asia Pacific. They have held many promotional offers and here’s an interesting one in New Zealand.

Chivas Regal is giving away a GWP with their twin pack of 12-year-old blended whiskey. This promotional twin pack comes with a branded Chivas travel bag, which has many small side compartments and pockets. Brilliant for storing your booze, as well as other belongings, of course!

GWP – Chivas Travel Bag

Why do we like this GWP idea?

First of all, free promotional gifts are easily grabbing attention. Branding placed on this bag will make you more visible! In other words, it increases you brand awareness. With enough space on a promotional bag, you can place your logo and slogan with an image to make sure your brand is seen enough!

To sum it up, despite being common, bags are great promotional gifts. It is always a good option. Especially for travellers and tourist. In addition, it always come in handy whether travelling abroad or simply for working purpose. Through branding, it also helps to boosts brand awareness on the move! It’s a brilliant offer for duty-free shops.

How we can help?

Here at ODM, we would like to help you. Feel FREE to contact us and we surely respond. With having years of experience with clients from all over the world, we provide innovative and professional POS displays and free promotional items. Check out our marketing gifts for other great case studies on this topic!


If you’re looking for similar case studies, here are some suggestions:

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Why do you need a gift with purchase?

Gift with purchase is a good way to drive impulse buys because more often than not, it influences consumer purchase behaviour.

What make a good GWP

Gifts with purchase can be anything ranging from a bag to a pen, notebook, keys, the options are endless. The focus is that it has relevance to your target audience and is branded in a way that properly represents your brand.