Chivas Regal has caught our attention with their beautiful custom counter display. Passersby would be compelled to guess the connection of the drink to the other items on display. There was some kind of flower, which looks like Vanilla, cherries, and nuts. It was a great conversation starter because customers would be curious to know how those items relate back to the product on offer. Understanding what these items have to do with Chivas may encourage them to buy their Gold Signature.

Custom Counter Display

Custom Counter Display

Chivas Regal successfully appealed to our senses by showcasing the elements that make their product unique. The items give customers an idea how their 18-year old scotch whiskey taste and smell like. The tiny cloches looked  created contrasted the strong image the bottle of whiskey, which balanced their brand image. And as a result, customers understand that the product is not


How Chivas Regal’s Custom Counter Display Appealed to Our Senses

  • Visual Appeal: What drew us in their custom countertop display is the little cloches that held the flower, nuts, and cherries. How do these items connect to Chivas’s scotch whiskey? Therefore, these elements appealed to our sense of sight. We were initially attracted to the cute items on the display and eventually became curious about the product.
Custom Counter Display

Custom Counter Display

  • Smell: The fruity notes of cherry sweet scent of vanilla are what make their whiskey unique. And they were able to appeal to our sense of smell through their ingenious custom POP display. Upon seeing these, we wanted a sip of the whiskey right away.
  • Taste: The cherries and nuts suggest that the hint of  fruity notes and the warm blend of roasted nuts balance the taste of their blended scotch. Since shoppers know what to expect from their products, they will be more inclined to buy from them. Through their customized merchandise display, Chivas Regal was able to inspire trust and stronger connection with their target customers.


What We Learned from Chivas Regal’s Marketing Tactic

Sensory marketing can be a great way to build emotional connections with your audience. By appealing to their sense, you are able to drive impulse purchases, build trust, and influence their buying behavior. What’s great with this marketing scheme is that they augmented their promotion with a custom counter display. It may be small but was effective. The put a lot of thought into their display in order to convey their message clearly.

If you are planning in using a custom POS counter display, you might want to consider making it interactive. Interactive point of sale displays will allow for better brand exposure and interaction. With this, your customers will gain first-hand experience with your brand. This way, they will be able to create smart buying decisions. Here’s a good example of an interactive display

Aside from the actual testers on display, NARS also offered visual testers for customers who are hesitant to use the samples. Customers who are reluctant to use the actual testers can use the tablet to test a lipstick without to actually to apply it.


How ODM Can Help Create Effective Custom Counter Displays?

We have a team of product designers and merchandisers who have extensive experience in the promotional product industry. We can help you source, design, and manufacture POS display units for the drinks industry. The ODM Group specialize in creating effective custom promotional merchandise and marketing gifts for businesses. Contact us today!

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