We absolutely like this merchandising floor display by Atelier Cologne. Unique and interesting, the cologne POS display is getting a lot of attention from customers. We can see that the whole set up conveys a story, thereby compelling shoppers to take a look at their POS display and encourage them to buy.

Merchandising Floor Display

Merchandising Floor Display


Atelier Cologne is offering their line of Citrus scents which explains why there were crates of oranges beside the display. Not only is it appealing, but it effectively conveyed their brand message. With the right choice of color, lighting, and props, the merchandising display did stand out. We love everything about this free standing display unit and we believe that you can learn a thing or two from this unique marketing strategy. Here’s why we love it:


What Made Atelier Cologne’s Merchandising Floor Display Stand Out?

  • Lively and Attractive: Bold hues of blue and orange made a stunning contrast which made the display eye-catching. As most of the products in the store were showcased on display cases and shelves, Atelier’s FSDU made quite an impression on us, shoppers. The combination of warm and cool colors maintained a youthful yet classy look, making sure that they cater to the younger audience as well as to more high-end customers. Moreover, the colors also reflect their brand.


Merchandising Floor Display

Merchandising Floor Display


  • Relevant Props: The props used in this branded FSDU all created a meaningful visual story. The crates and oranges denotes the citrusy scent of their cologne. Although a bit messy, the top part of the FSDU created a shabby chic look, which appeals to a wide range of customers.


  • Lighting: We love how the lighting created a warm ambiance. Also it highlighted the products on sale.


  • LED Lighted Poster: This created an interesting optical illusion in the set. It looked as if the top part of the FSDU is full of different items. Atelier’s merchandising floor display is hard to miss due to its led lighted poster. Customers can easily spot it even from a great distance, thus creating better brand visibility inside busy shopping stores.

This is not the first time Atelier impressed us with their creative merchandising display. They offered free engraving services to personalize the bottles of colognes in their previous campaign. As such, it encouraged brand-customers interaction as shoppers can choose the colors and writings on the cases.


You too, can be successful in your in-store marketing campaign with the use of a merchandising floor display. And below, we share some simple tips.


Pro Tips for Designing a Killer Merchandising Floor Display

  • Choose the Right Colors for Your Display: We suggest to use your trademark colors and design to ensure seamless designs that reflect your brand. This helps in finer brand remembrance. This way customers become accustomed with your company even more.
  • Use Props That Are Relevant to Your Campaign: It is crucial to tell your brand story or message to your customers through designs, marketing copy and props. The elements you add into your merchandising POS display should create a uniform and streamlined look. In essence, your display should communicate what your brand stands for and convince customers to make a purchase. Here’s a great example from OSIM.

Everything from the color, down to the massive coffee cup reflects the culture of the market they are catering to. The whole display is a nod to the Year of the Pig. And since red is considered a lucky color, the brand is practically wishing their customers a prosperous New Year.


  • Consider the Size: The size is essential in your presentation. “Bigger is better,” is not always applicable. You want to maximize the space on the shop floor and you can do this by custom designing your display. Find the right size and make sure that crucial information about your display is emphasized. For limited floor space, using the end of gondola can be a good idea.

Here, Eleva used the end of gondola to market their products. It was small, yet, the brand was able to gain massive sales bump. Their vibrant and informative displays and custom-fitted shelves looked easy on the eyes and were really informative.


  • Appeal to the Senses: Interactive point of sale displays are a great way to attract more people to your products. Being able to see, touch, and or taste your products allows customers to make smart buying decisions. According to studies, sensory marketing improves sales by 45% and boosts loyalty by 60%.

One great example from NARS cosmetics. It allows customers to see how a certain shade of lipstick will look on them through an interactive display without having to try the lippies.


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