POS displays are an indispensable part of in-store merchandising. The goal of using point of sale displays is to raise sales by presenting your products in a pleasing manner. And OSIM got it right! Their CNY themed bespoke POS display was timely and it left a huge impact to shoppers.

Bespoke POS Display

Bespoke POS Display

Their Year of the Pig POS display is on point. The color, cherry blossoms, and LED lighted backdrop are a nod to Chinese New Year and the Chinese culture in general. Here’s what set this custom POS display apart from competition:


What Makes OSIM’s Bespoke POS Display a Great In-Store Marketing Idea

  • Great Choice of Colors: Hues of red, pink, and white look very calming. As a brand that offers wellness and healthy living, the colors are perfect. The warm color not only revitalizes the senses, but it also brings good luck to people. Red is a lucky color to the Chinese so the choice of color is suitable for the celebration. If you want to see more in-store promotional displays with great color schemes, you’ll love this list:
  • Presentation: The brand also put all their products on display so customers can see and touch the products on offer. Atop the huge coffee cup display were a shoulder massager, neck massager, and their Year of the Pig plush toy. Because the massive display is eye-catching, it’s pulling in more clients. In essence, it’s doing all the persuasion.
  • Use of Mascot: The pig custom plush toy added a nice touch to their display. Not only is it relevant to the occasion, but it also indirectly connects their product to the symbolism of the Year of the Pig. This year promises to bring luck and wealth and the best way to attract abundance is to take care of your health first. As the saying goes, health is wealth, and being in good health improves your well-being.
Bespoke POS Display

Bespoke POS Display

  • Matching Designs: The cherry blossoms in their massage chair matches up with the graphics used in their holiday POS display. You can also see the cherry blossom branches in their backdrop. The cherry blossoms brought a cohesive look and feel in the merchandise display so the whole set up is really soothing to look at. The whole ensemble totally conveyed what their brand aims to achieve and what they stand for- that is to improve people’s well-being through their products.


Other Important Merchandising Ideas that Caught Our Eyes

Aside from their well-designed POS display, we also noticed that OSIM has used a promotional video display. It plays on the background to show people how a certain gadget works. This helps in explaining the benefits of a product that people won’t otherwise see/learn from just looking at their POS display or posters.

We also noticed that they have used a promotional poster and a large cut out display of their brand endorser to augment their marketing strategy. The use of such visual aids helps put their message across more effectively.

The addition of couches and the use of proper lighting did add a touch of coziness to the whole set up. We’ve seen awesome displays like this before and Ralph Lauren’s is such a great example:

In conclusion, OSIM did a great job in promoting their line of massage chairs and other wellness products. True to their brand maxim: “Inspiring Well-Being” their in-store marketing strategy and bespoke POS display did inspire many to take good care of their health.


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