Here in ODM we are excited to present our Pug mascot – the custom plush toy which we created for the new trade show season, to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Dog! They are following our “square-style” range of mascots. We have already launched our custom pug socks earlier as a part of the promotions for this year.  We love how our product has turned out!

ODM's Custom Plush Toy for Chinese New Year 1

ODM’s Custom Plush Toy for Chinese New Year

You can also check out our previous Lunar New Year socks:

ODM's Custom Plush Toy for Chinese New Year 1

ODM’s Custom Plush Toy for Chinese New Year 1

We are going to bring them to the trade show in Hong Kong and show at the booth. During previous trade show seasons we were showing off our smaller monkey and rooster plush toys with this amazing levitating display. Come and check out our booth this year at HK Gifts and Premiums Fair, booth#3G-G32!

ODM Levitating Display

ODM’s Custom Plush Toy for Chinese New Year

ODM has a great experience in designing and manufacturing custom plush toys based on the briefs from our clients, with over 20 bespoke designs created a year!

Here are the reasons why you should choose ODM for your custom plush toy production:

1. We are able to help you with all the process from the very beginning, starting with the design in colourful sketches and any advise on the limitations in your design.
2. We will choose the best suitable factory for you, according to your budget and required quality level.
3. We will pick the materials and swatches for you for approval before we start the prototype
4. Our Chinese team will communicate with factories to make sure that all points are addressed clearly and there is no miscommunication with suppliers.
5. You will have a partner with feet on the ground in China. We will arrange the factory visits, quality control inspection and will make sure that the quality of toys will meet your expectations.
6. We will provide you with daily updates on production process and will take care of testings, certifications and the shipping.

ODM's Custom Plush Toy for Chinese New Year

ODM’s Custom Plush Toy for Chinese New Year

Get in Touch

Contact us to know more about custom plushies. We also provide packaging solutions, production management and much more! Have a look at the wide range other services that we offer. We have an in-house design team, Mindsparkz who can offer product brainstorming session. Feel free to connect with us to know more.

Here is the page where you can find more useful information about manufacturing promotional plush toys:

Key information about manufacturing plush toys

The blog below describes in detail how exactly manufacturing of a plush toy takes place:

Blog on certification of plushies: