Plush toys are effective in brand promotions because not only are they customizable, but they are also suitable for just about any industry. There are online sites where you can order one offs. However, a plush toy factory can give you more freedom to customize the color and size of your merchandise.

In this blog, we’ll use Gift at Races‘ horse plushies as an example. The company is offering free embroidery service for ever purchase of their Sitting Horse Plush. The promotion allows customers to personalize the saddle with their name or preferred designs. This strategy is a great way to boost brand activation as the complimentary service convinces customers to make a purchase in order to customize their plush toys.

Plush Toy Factory

Plush Toy Factory

Gifts at Races has set up a table just outside the venue. This way, fans can get their exclusive merchandise embroidered with their names. And this helps extend their love for the game even at home. We also noticed that they use an advertising easel display to promote their services. It is cost-effective and ideal for short promo runs.

Plush Toy Factory

Plush Toy Factory

Aside from their free embroidery service, we also love the soft toys that they are offering. Because they are designed with promoting horse racing in mind, these plushies are definitely suitable for its target demographics. They have chosen the ideal materials and designs to represent their company. These soft toys will serve as a tangible reminder of their experience in the race track.

A lot goes into the manufacturing of plush toys. As such it is important to work with a plush toy factory that you can trust. So before you start product sourcing, here are some tips for designing and manufacturing soft toys.


Plush Toy Factory Rules for Designing and Manufacturing Soft Toys

  • Consider the Materials: The type of fabric for your custom plush toy can affect the durability and quality of the products. Thus, it is important to carefully plan this out with your product designer and plush toy manufacturer. Cotton, felt, terrycloth, and plush are just some of the widely used materials for plush toys as they are soft, lightweight, and durable. If you’re keen to learn more about manufacturing of plush toys, here are the factors to consider before production:


  • Make Sure it is Safe: Plush toys undergo stringent quality check to ensure that the products are safe. Quality checks and certifications are required to prove that there are no choking hazards and harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing process. The below blog will serve as a guideline on plush toys certifications and labelling.


  • Are the Designs Appropriate for Your Brand? : Keep in mind that your promotional stuff toys and other custom promotional products serve as the face of your company. As such, you should be very careful of your image. Are they appealing and wholesome? Is there consistency in the design? These are the questions you should be asking yourself once the samples are out. Mistakes and reworks could be costly so make sure to get the design right the first time.


  • Minimum Order Quantity: This is an important factor to consider especially if you are ordering from China. MOQ in China is quite high especially for more bespoke items. For instance, if you want your plushies a certain color, it would require the plush toy factory to dye the materials to match your requirements. This will mean additional production cost, thus, increasing the MOQ. If you agreed to use the available materials in their factory, the MOQ will be around 500-1000 pieces. Knowing the minimum order quantity of your plush toy factory allows you to make necessary adjustments in your marketing budget as well as in your designs. To know the factors that affect the MOQ in China and tips on how to negotiate for lower orders, check out this blog:


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