The retail shop Sweet dream, a brand from Heinemann the famous duty-free retail present in Europe and Pacific Asia, have recently had great custom promotional product ideas! For every 99 HK $ bought, you get a free plush toy from the brand Hello kitty. This promotion pushes the client to buy more in your shop and therefore will rapidly increase your sales. It will also help with the brand’s reputation as we will see in this article… Indeed, Heinemann knows that it is important to have a good stuffed toys manufacturer. Follow the link to have other ideas of custom promotional merchandise.

Stuffed Toys Manufacturer Promotional Marketing by Heinemann

Stuffed Toys Manufacturer Promotional Marketing by Heinemann


Why would anyone need a good stuffed toys manufacturer?

At ODM, we know have a great experience with promotional plush gifts. Our custom plush toy of the last years have been trendy and very appreciated by our customers!


An attractive present: It can fit in your room or on a shelf. Also, it would make an amazing present for a child, girlfriend or anyone in your circle. Think about the happy son or daughter that will receive such a present when you come back home from your last trip. This kind of branded gift with purchase is eye-catching! Stuffed toys are great GWP because they are fun and collectible. Indeed companies often use very creative collectible promos to seduce customers.

Added value: customers will perceive that they are winning something for the same price. They will be more likely to buy your product over another. It will influence their decision to buy and boost your sales.

Customer retention: The fact that you offered a free item (here the stuffed toy) to the client will make them grateful to your brand. It will improve the client’s loyalty and you will be able to grow your customer’s base

Stuffed Toys Manufacturer Promotional Marketing by Heinemann

Stuffed Toys Manufacturer Promotional Marketing by Heinemann

Possible Improvement:

– POS display: The POS placed more strategically in the retail could improve its visibility. More clients would see the promo and will want to benefit from it. It would make the promo look more fancy and attractive too.

– Adding the logo of Sweet dreams by Heinemann on the plush toy would be of a great benefit to the company. Indeed, Labelling is very important for a successful promotional job! Get to know more about plush toys certifications and labelling. Also this wine bottle luminous label is a good example of how important labels are.


Get in touch with a stuffed toys manufacturer that will satisfy your business needs! Contact ODM and we will take care of the complete process of making your promotional plush toy! We offer a vast range of services so please check out our blogs to see our previous projects.


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