Light up labels are a certain way to make your drinks brand stand out from the crowd.   As a business owner, you want to make sure that you get the most out of your marketing strategy and budget. One way to maximize your promotions is through effective branding and pushing the boat out with interesting labeling and packaging.

Light Up Labels

Light Up Labels

If you are in the drinks industry, these light up labels are a great way to spice up the appearance of your product. Here’s how it works:

How a Light Up Label Works

  • Luminous Paper: The label is made from paper thin PVC and/or PET. PVC plastic is a tough material that has a lot of industrial and design applications. PET can be easily shaped and is fairly durable against the weather. Both materials are lightweight, making them perfect for custom advertising signage.
Light Up Labels

Light Up Labels

  • Battery Pack: It comes with a plastic battery pack that you can connect to the bottom of the bottle, as shown in the picture below. The battery can be AA, AAA, or button cell, depending on your design needs. Labels can light up from 2-30 hrs.
Light Up Labels

Light Up Labels

Other Light Up Labels style applications

Apart from wine bottle labels, we can also create LED ice bucket and signages. But the use of luminous label is not limited to the wine industry. Below are ways to use these brilliant product:

  • Promotional T-Shirts: This also works great with promotional t-shirts. Instead of silk screen printed logo/brand name, why not jazz up your shirt designs with a custom luminous label? It looks more eye catching, especially at concerts and sporting events.
  • Custom Gift Box: The illuminating logo lends a magical feeling to your custom gift box. Great for just about every industry, jewelry, wine, drinks, beauty products, food… you name it. Our ODM team works with a Custom Gift Box Factory so you can count on us for bespoke gift boxes that suit your branding needs.
Light Up Labels

Light Up Labels

  • Promotional Bags: Great addition to your design because it can tremendously improve your product’s aesthetic appeal. Glowing designs and logos will help make your product stand out.
  • Product Packaging: Make your packaging come alive with logos, designs, and brand names that light up in the dark. This works great with Christmas and Chinese New Year celebrations as the lights give off a festive vibe.
  • Custom Signage: Ideal for custom signages and menus for bars and restaurants. The bright designs will pop up in dimly lit resto-bars.

Designing Your Own Light Up Labels

You can either send us an existing design or commission our talented product designers at Mindsparkz for fresh designs for your brand. We will send you samples once you have decided on a design.

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Aside from design works, you can also expect us to deliver high quality unique promotional products, marketing gifts, and POS displays. To know more about our previous projects, check out our case studies!

Case Studies to Inspire Your Next Project

The geometric patterns and flashing lights set this bag apart from our previous promotional bags:3

Great for sports promotions, charity events, and other events, LED bang bang sticks will take your brand front and center of any event:

LED coasters for drinks promos: