Packaging is a key factor that can drive up the perceived value of a product as it makes the proverbial first impression.  First impressions are essential because they either attract or distract a consumer in seconds.  In some cases the packaging will cost more than the actual product itself !

Commodity items can be fairly dull and monotonous when given as standalone gifts. Therefore, adding an intricate packaging makes the merchandise not easily forgotten – At the very least labels can provide a cost effective yet professional looking means to dress up a product.

Here are some points to note while brainstorming for new packaging ideas:

  • Colour trends
  • Contour to the product, yet enable easy packaging in master cartons and on retail shelves.
  • Protect the product with blister tray or other method.
  • Potentially use a see through window or just plain backing if beneficial for client to see or touch the actual product.
  • Packaging Materials- Plastic, Metal, Cardboard, Aluminium can be choosen depending on MOQ and set up costs.
  • Access availability through retail channels – creating packages that are current yet corporate.

Always think presentation when you are looking into dressing up your promotional product, never assume that it is a waste as many packaging options can be designed to reinforce your message to customers.

Remember to allow for barcodes and instructions on packaging if this is destined for retail market.   ODM works with translation services in Hong Kong and China for making multiple language instruction sheets as required.