Below is a description of how to make prototypes for Promo Figurines or mascots.

  • Actual design process begins – sketches of proposed figure
  • Creation of a clay prototype- bending aluminum wires to form backbone of the figure(armature)
  • Add clay to the armature – to give the desired basic weight and shape
  • Baked slightly – to harden
  • Carve the clays and shape the details – using various tools, eg. wire loop

To produce finer details on the prototype, the sculptor can choose to remove the arms and work on them separately.  Since they have more control, it would be easier for them to work on the details.

What additional items might be used?

  • Photos & Sketch references are used to ensure the figurine is up to standard – Realistic.
  • If needed, human models might be required for options and movements.

After all the different parts are completed, sculptor will attach them properly to fit to the figure.    Next would be the costume.    Before the start of the costume making, part of the clay may be covered with aluminum foil to keep it from prematurely drying out.   The costume is then sculpted directly onto the body.

Baked to harden the clay and then the prototype is complete!

Mass production

  • After finalizing the prototype, it is then used to make the moulds that will form the plastic pieces.
  • Depending on the skill and speed of the sculptor – it may take anywhere from 5-12 days to make these initial samples.

Some ideas for packaging your figurines after they are completed –

Clients should approve the overall image in clay before proceeding to next process of making the mould or money might be wasted making a mould that is not right.    Clay samples are very fragile so need to be packed well.