This Shower Bag is a very handy and portable product that utilizes the sun rays to heat water for showers and general use. Great for camping or outdoor usage, this bag can be hung on a tree or even placed on the floor. How it works:

  1. Fill the bag up with water.
  2. Lay the bag flat in the sun with the black side facing up

A few hours later, the water will warm enough to shower under, even in winter as long as it’s sunny. The large surface area of the bag allows the water inside to be heated up rapidly during the summer.

Other features:

  • Able to fill up to 5 gallons of water
  • Measures approx 17” X 21”
  • Shower hose and on/off spigot attached with the bag
  • Solar Powered

The portable shower bag is a perfect complimentary product to the Aevoz water sprayer- An invention by The ODM group.

Please visit our previous blog entry- Aevoz Power Spray Washer– for more information on the water sprayer.   This shower bag could be bundled by retailers as a gift with purchase.