An interesting campaign called ‘Great Outdoors Revival’  by the Unilever food brand, Bovril had just recently ended. In the efforts to restore some of the National Trust sites in UK, Bovril donated £100,000 to aid the makeover.

Bovril 'Great Outdoors Revival' Promo

What’s so exciting about this campaign?

Bovril called for the public’s help on deciding which National Trust Sites to fund. Support your favorite site by casting a vote on the web page! The winners would be chosen based on the highest number of votes.

What a creative way to interact with the public/customers! Strong impression of brand could be easily created with  involvement. Through word of mouth, campaign and brand gained publicity quickly with less cost.

Having such campaign that promote good cause can also help brand to build Positive Brand Image. This would in turn gain support from public and increase sales.

How to further empower this campaign?

In line with campaign, Bovril could give away gardening tools as promo gifts, to encourage the beautifying and maintenance of outdoor sites. The gifts would create free advertising for the brand and remind recipients of campaign.

Gardening Tool Promotion

Some examples would be like gardening gloves, tools and organizer. Imprint logo on these gifts to further promote the brand even after the campaign.

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