The Aevoz Carwasher is a fully portable carwasher with a very effective battery powered pressure spray.  Aevoz comes with a built-in rechargable battery  – powers the washer for up to 60 minutes.   With our spray, a car wash will take merely 6minutes!   The tank capacity is 18 Liters.  This set also comes with a hose and ajustable nozzle.

With the help of a team of experienced and innovative industrial designers, ODMsg has developed a radically new portable carwasher that is user-friendly, effective and innovatiove.

The Aevoz are being trialled on the Singapore market now and received positive feedback from our customers. Aevoz is also due to be featured in MenHealth magazine in Singapore which we believe will further push up the sales of Aevoz.

Other uses for this washer include outdoor shower for camping and beach use, mobile washer for mountain bikes, watering outdoor plants etc..

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