Cleaning your car can be a painful task given the surface area and amount of dirt and dust they can pick up.   We saw lots of solutions for cleaning cars at the recent housewares fair – Microfiber is one of the best textiles on the market for cleaning surfaces and so this product stands out for

  • Low cost cleaning method allowing for gifting
  • Attractive designs & colours
  • Logo area

The characteristics of the material work well for scrubbing cars to perfection as the microfiber glides smoothly on the surface of the body and the windows. This product is very easy to use as it is like wearing a glove – the client simply inserts his hand into the glove and scrubs away by moving his hand.

Microfiber allows the water and soap to be easily dispersed onto the body of the car. The unique characteristics of microfiber is that it dries very quickly, thus it is possible to rinse the windshield of your car with the microfiber glove in order to avoid having marks which could impair driving.

Microfiber Scrubber for Cleaning Cars

The microfiber glove product is available in a large panel of colors. Customization with a logo or stitching a patch onto the side that is not used to scrub the car is entirely possible in order to offer brand visibility for your company. This could be a great promotional product or GWP campaign for car, gas and cleaning product companies.

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