The Canton Fair is winding down now and next session will be in October.   ODM will share some of our experience from this year to help you prepare for the next session.

When you arrive at Guangzhou International Convention & Exhibition Centre you need to register.   Whilst you can fill in forms online, the registration on the ground is still quite a long process..

Head this Way for Canton Fair!

Travel Tip: Tell the cab driver to stop close to the Registration Tent located at the entrance of Hall B. If you do not tell him this, they usually bring you to the designated taxi stand which is a long walk away from the registration tent. You need to register to get your buyer’s pass if this is your first time.

At the registration tent, after passing through detection sensors, there will be many helpers to guide and help you. However, some of them may not understand what you are saying. You will just have to follow these few simple steps:

  • Fill in a registration form, tagging your business card with it.
  • Take a photograph for your buyer’s pass; they have a photo booth for photo taking which cost 30 RMB (make sure you look your best.. and smile)
  • Go on to the inner chambers where more people will guide you through the registration process
  • Collect your buyer’s pass.
  • Budget some time here… 10 minutes – 1 hour depending on the time of day..

Buyer's Pass

Travel Tip: Remember to
  • bring your passport along because they will deny you access if you don’t do so – when we last registered, a Korean customer was denied access despite his repeated attempts to circumvent this requirement. 
  • bring one full box of business cards, a few is definitely not enough.
For each administration process a business card is required, not to mention the booths which you will visit where they will ask for your card as well.

Lastly, before you embark on your journey in the largest exhibition centre in the world, do remember to collect the Canton Fair Pocket Guide.
Guide provides a comprehensive map with easy navigation, showing the three main areas and what category they represent to better allow you to find your way.