There are so many ways to contribute to making the world a better place. Protecting the environment is one of them and in the Promotional Products industry we can make a difference by switching to more Eco Friendly materials like inks.

Did you know that petrol is also used in ink as a means to change ink pigments? Think about the amount of printing work in your office and the promotional products you see around you. The recent advances in green technologies allow for an increasing number of materials to supplement the role of oil.

By replacing petroleum based oil with a vegetable counterparts, companies like Greener Printer effectively circumvent this dependence and make printing a lot greener. By mixing soy and vegetable based inks, thus taking the unique advantages and characteristics of each blend, you can effectively recreate quality ink without the need for petroleum-based oil. ODM encourage customers to switch to Eco Friendly inks for printing logos wherever possible..

For additional informations on green items and ideas on products respecting the environment, please go to to ODM Green website where you will find a large variety of different items fulfilling your every needs.

While some believe the environmental crisis can only be solved through major paradigm shifting, incremental improvements in the way we work today are key to making a difference now..