Looking for an interesting promotional item which is both useful and catchy? We recommend the Hourglass which is also known as sandglass, sand timer, sand clock and even an egg timer. The name hourglass comes from historically common hour timing. It has two connected vertical glass bulbs allowing a regulated trickle of material from the top to the bottom. Once the top bulb is empty, it can be inverted to begin timing again.

Factors affecting the time measured include the amount of sand, the bulb size, the neck width, and the sand quality. The running times of a standard hourglasses start at 30 seconds and go up to 4 hours.

ODM can customize running time and customize shapes based on client specs.


These hourglasses will definitely serve as a good gift with purchase! With your company’s logo laser engraved or silk printed on the item, it will be a suitable corporate gift to customers. It is crucial to choose the right promotional gift for your target customers.  The attractive and unique design will catch your customer’s attention. This way, your products will stand out from your competitors.

Contact ODM to help you in customizing your own promotional gifts and we will provide great ideas to increase your company image!

Some examples of their use.