Cycles and balance— who would not love having these two, especially in their business? You are probably thinking of ways to achieve them too. Undoubtedly, these hourglasses can help you more than you think because of their uniqueness. Why not try to speed up your marketing with these superb hourglasses? A branded hourglass is one of the unique promotional gift ideas that we spotted at a recent trade fair. And we have prepared this case study to explain why your brand should invest in them.

Unique Promotional Giveaway Ideas

Unique Promotional Giveaway Ideas

Why Promote Your Brand with an Hourglass?

A Dazzling Centerpiece

Exhibiting elegance, these hourglasses could really make a dazzling centerpiece in any area. This is just one of the unique promotional giveaway ideas that could undoubtedly attract attention wherever it is placed. These hourglasses will never go out of style indeed. They could easily turn a dull place into an illuminating one with your brand’s name on it.

Unique Promotional Giveaway Ideas

Unique Promotional Giveaway Ideas

Not Your Typical Hourglass

Because it varies in shape, color, and style, they are apparently not your typical hourglass. From the vessel itself to the sand it contains, you can say that each piece is unique. There is definitely one that will suit your taste and your purpose. Its dazzling feature can entice more potential customers and increase the brand’s awareness.




As it varies into different shapes and colors, you can have fun styling it. Totally innovative in nature, these creative promotional products are ideal for any industry. They are also perfect as an employee appreciation gift. You can also add more details to it, practically making it one of the unique promotional gift ideas for your brand. Go and have it customized with your brand’s logo, message, and colors!


Personal Impact

An hourglass is associated with cycles and symbolizes balance. It compels us to acknowledge the fleeting and ever-changing nature of our lives. You would not know how one can have a great personal impact on your customer. One hourglass can make a potential buyer a fan of your brand, all because of its uniqueness and mundaneness.

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Looking for More Ways to Promote Timely with an Hourglass?

Looking for interesting and unique promotional giveaway ideas that are both useful and catchy? We recommend the Hourglass, also known as sandglass, sand timer, sand clock, and even an egg timer.

Spotted by our colleagues from the Shanghai office, an interesting hourglass is placed on every table when clients finish ordering from their menus in Yi Cha Yi Zuo  (一茶一坐), a well-known family restaurant in China.

In this competitive world of marketing, it’s important to have your own set of unique promotional products. This custom sand timer’s distinctive design is definitely out of the box- in terms of brand positioning and customization.

As they say, ” Time is money.” So what better promotional product than a time management one? Enter the hourglass toothbrush holder.

marketing product should be outstanding and eye-catching to grab the customer´s attention straight away. We could use a sand timer as a marketing product to attract our customers in this situation.