Endcap displays are proven effective in pushing sales and converting browsers into sure buyers.  Store end cap displays are the best place to position your product because of its accessibility, convenience, product placement, and converting unused space into income-generating retail hotspots.

Sighted in Vietnam, these end cap displays are absolutely eye-catching. The displays are creatively designed and because they are situated at the end of the aisle, they are offering customers a preview of what to expect from that particular aisle. More importantly, they all resonated with their target market.


Excellent Store End Cap Displays in Vietnam

Chin Su

Chin Su, a popular brand of fish sauce in Vietnam, made sure to make a good first impression by making sure their gondola end display matches their brand colors. They are currently promoting their instant noodles, hence the LED-lit mascot holding up a cup. They also took advantage of this space to further promote their other products such as their popular fish sauce, soy sauce, and prawn and meat seasoning.


Store End Cap Displays

Store End Cap Displays



Here is another cool end cap display idea. This one by Tresemme looks really classy and the displays are well-curated. Sections of the display are branded to show what hair care products are on display. In the middle is a poster of a gorgeous model as if to convince customers that they, too, can get luscious locks if they use Tresemme.

Store End Cap Displays

Store End Cap Displays

The benefit? Utilizing the end cap highlighted their best selling products, showing competitors and customers that they “own” that space.


Sieu Tham

This store end cap display for the feminine care brand Sieu Tham is certainly hard to miss. Its powder blue and pink combination exude femininity. As their target market is young women, the overall design is definitely relatable.

Store End Cap Displays

Store End Cap Displays


We also love how they showed the difference between their two sanitary pad variants. So, what they did was, they took two pads out and placed on a customized acrylic display to allow customers to examine the design, softness, and thickness of the pads. As people like to make comparisons before purchasing, appealing to the senses is a great way to help them come up with an informed decision.

Store End Cap Displays

Store End Cap Displays



When we saw this royal blue retail end cap display from a distance, we knew immediately that it was made for the brand Gillette. Aside from its iconic blue color, the LED lighting also caught our eye. It really stood out from rows and rows of displays.

Store End Cap Displays

Store End Cap Displays

Usually, we see Gillette products on POS counter displays. So, seeing a whole POP display dedicated to all their product is such a huge help for customers shopping for razors, trimmers, blade refills, shaving sets, and accessories for men in one place. Shoppers really love the convenience of having all they need in one accessible location. It saves them time and energy looking for products that go together.



Here is how Pantene utilized an end cap display to make their products stand out. Facing the aisle means better visibility for their products. Thanks to its excellent product placement, shoppers can just grab products as they go. Because all their products are displayed here, customers are encouraged to try other Pantene hair care products as well, pushing up the sales for their lesser-known products in the process.

Store End Cap Displays

Store End Cap Displays


But Why Use Store End Cap Displays?

An essential store display fixture, a store end cap display is a display found at the end of an aisle. The products displayed on an end cap are called a “feature.”

Utilizing the end of aisles allows brands to better highlight their products and make them more pleasing to customers while maximizing all the available space inside the store. Done right, a store end cap displays also add a fantastic aesthetic value to your store.

Increased sales is another reason gondola end cap displays are so important. You may be having a promotion, and you want to draw in more customers to that particular promo. It also a great place to cross merchandise. For instance, if you are selling a beard grooming set, you may want to display them along with other mens’ grooming items such as razors, shaving cream, and other similar products.


Our Takeaways…

If you want to push sales, entice customers to try out a new product, and increase visibility in-store, then store end cap displays should be your go-to display solution. Highly visible location, cross-merchandising, great product placement, and ability to turn unused spaces into retail hotspots are among the many benefits of store end cap displays. As such, we can say that the above examples are excellent examples of a highly-effective end cap marketing.


Where Does ODM Come In?

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