When presented with many options, as shoppers, we tend to make decisions that are based solely on appearance. There is nothing wrong with that. We are visual creatures after all. That is also the reason we found these on-shelf displays very appealing. You see, visually interesting displays never fail to make us look twice.

We sighted these 3 brilliant on shelf displays by Chin-Su, Vivant, and Nam Ngu at a supermarket in Vietnam. And when we say brilliant, they are literally glowing. So here are the reasons we love these awesome on-shelf advertising displays.


What Makes these On-Shelf Displays Stand Out?


Vivant is a brand of mineral water, based in Vietnam. We easily recognized their line of mineral water with their shelf advertising display. The frame is based on its trademark brand colors, turquoise, and white. One glance and it really gives off a refreshing feel, which really reflects their products.

On-Shelf Displays

On-Shelf Displays

You can also see the words “Giúp Tiêu Hóa Và Bồi Bổ” printed on the beams, which translates to “Supporting digestion and tonic”. So, if customers are going to choose between their usual brand of mineral water and Vivant, they might consider choosing the latter for its health value and pleasing advert.



Chin-Su is a popular Vietnamese brand of fish sauce. Asians love seasoning their dishes with fish sauce, hence the popularity of this condiment. In a retail environment where everything looks similar and serves the same purpose, it is critical to ensure that your products are seen.

This is where an on-shelf display comes into play. Thanks to Chin-Su’s bespoke on-shelf POS display, shoppers are able to distinguish their products from a sea of similar-looking bottles of fish sauce.

On-Shelf Displays

On-Shelf Displays

Designed in the shape of their bottle, it really makes fine brand recall. As you can see, there are lots of red bottles displayed on the shelf. Without the frame, you can hardly differentiate one from the other, unless you inspect them closely. So, thanks to the LED lighted on-shelf display, we were able to tell Chin-Su apart from the rest at one glance. In effect, the on-shelf display tells customers what products they should focus on.

Aside from a captivating visual display, Chin-Su did not miss the opportunity to drive their message. “Vàn món ngon bụng v!” was written on the beams which translate to “Thousands of delicious dishes”. Who will not be enticed by this promise?


Nam Ngu

Nam Ngu is another brand of fish sauce sold under the Chin-Su company. Like the other two display examples, the on-shelf display has LED lights, which perfectly frames their products. This one has more details than the first two.

On-Shelf Displays

On-Shelf Displays

Not only is it well-lit, but the display itself has branded shelf talkers attached to the frame, so customers from the far end sides of the aisle will easily spot the protruding display.

On-Shelf Displays

On-Shelf Displays

As you can see, the beams are also branded with “cá cơm tươi” which translates to fresh anchovies, reinforcing the image that their product is made from the freshest ingredients.


Why These Brilliant On-Shelf Displays are Effective:

1. Save Time

Browsing through endless rows of displays can be a bit frustrating when you cannot find that one small product you need to buy. So, an on-shelf display similar to our examples above saves customers time locating the product they need to buy.

Furthermore, they serve as a marker so repeat customers will be able to find the product the next time they go shopping.


2. Good First Impression

First impressions last and that is also true in the retail environment. The colors and the imageries they used all correspond to the products being sold. For instance, for Vivant, you can tell right from the color of the marketing display that it is a product that quenches thirst. The colors are indeed relaxing and invigorating.

For Chin-Su, you get the idea that it is a condiment straight away because the shape of the display suggests that idea. For Nam Ngu, you recall fresh anchovies.

As customers, we are drawn to unique displays. We love patterns, yet we also love designs that break the mold. This is why using this type of on-shelf display allowed the brands to make a great first impression.


3. Frames the Products

As seen from our examples, the products are found in a standard gondola display, where the chances of getting pushed in the background are high. However, their unique on-shelf displays successfully set the brands apart by creating one focal point. People are drawn to that one particular spot because of the lively colors, and eye-catching light.


4. Colors

According to marketing psychology, when done right, colors can create an emotional response from customers. Blue is associated with tranquility, calmness, and of course water. This is why Vivant’s on-shelf point of purchase display is on point!

On the other hand, red, which is the predominant color in Chin-Su and Nam Ngu’s displays, triggers strong emotions, action, attention, and of course hunger and appetite. This is also the reason why many fast-food chains use red in their interior and branding.


Our Takeaways…

It is easy to get pushed back on the saturated retail shelves with poor merchandising. You want to command attention right from the start, so this is where on-shelf displays come in. On-shelf advertising displays are not limited to the above examples. We have custom shelf talkers, banners, shelf wobblers, LED displays, and video displays.

The goal of on-shelf displays is to turn heads, encourage impulse buys, and generate repeat purchases. All these are possible with a well-designed and well-executed display. You want to convert shoppers from onlookers to “sure buyers” especially in the FMCG industry where competition is really hectic.

It is important to think about what design elements are necessary to show customers what to focus on. Would lighting fixtures make a difference? What materials should I use? How do I convey my message? Can I make it more interactive? How do I appeal to their senses? These are important questions to ask yourself before jumping into designing your on-shelf display.


Where Does ODM Come In?

ODM is a one-stop-shop for all things promotional! We have years of experience in the promotional product industry so you can rely on us for effective and high-quality gifts, product packaging designs, and promotional displays.

Get in touch with ODM and Mindsparkz to know more about how we can help you grow your business through out-of-the-box promotional ideas.

If you are keen to find more marketing ideas, do check these blogs out!


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